OT Security Maintenance

Maintaining sufficient ICS security state requires highly qualified experts experienced in operating security tools and measures and possessing a deep understanding of the ICS operation algorithms and principles. Most companies experience difficulties in searching and hiring talent with the required expertise, skills and experience especially in remote regions.
CyberLympha team provides ICS security state maintenance service including compliance status monitoring concerning local state regulatory requirements applicable to critical information infrastructure facilities to End Customers of any scale and industry.
The service includes:
  1. Maintaining and operating existing security tools and measures deployed in the enterprise infrastructure
  2. Security event collection and analysis
  3. Incident response and proactive measures implementation aimed to increase the security level of the protected assets
  4. Organizational measures development and implementation in order to ensure proper ICS security state
  5. Support during periodic security state assessments performed by the regulation authorities

Each contract referred to ICS information security maintenance encompasses regulation and implementation of the required SLA levels based on response time and event severity.

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