GDPR Compliance

Processing personal data has become relevant for various businesses whether that concerns company employees only or Customers as well. Security incidents that impact informational systems that process personal data may cause reputational and financial losses and turn the Customers away.

Natural persons personal data processing safety is governed by a set of rules defined in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR breach may lead to data leaks and consequent reputational and legal risks for the responsible company.

GDPR key principles are:

  • Lawfulness, equality and transparency;
  • Purpose limitation – processing must be limited to what the consent was given to;
  • Data minimization – the amount of data must be just sufficient for purposed processing;
  • Precision – personal data must be correct, consistent and univocal;
  • Time limit for data storage;
  • Integrity, confidentiality and security;
  • Reporting.

The regulation provides citizens with tools necessary for full personal data processing control. GDPR is exterritorial and applies to international companies especially ones that process personal data of EU residents and citizens, regardless of company jurisdiction.

Implementing GDPR-compliant informational security requires the personal data processor to pass the assessment and prove that all processing is performed in full accordance with the Regulation.

CyberLympha analysts have a vast experience in designing and implementing security not only in the field of OT security but also for personal data processing systems compliant with international regulations. Our experts are always aiming to strike the balance between “paper” and real security. The service includes designing and deploying all security tools required to protect personal data processing and developing all necessary organizational and reporting documentation.

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